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Poor management risk
Do you have what it takes to run a business? Many business owners find the starting up part easy, but have you got the guts to grow the business and do you know what it needs to get there?

Many business owners become so wrapped up in the details that they completely lose sight of the main company strategy. They focus on the small day-to-day things without looking at the bigger picture. Alternatively, some business owners only focus at a high level and miss crucial details along the way that can prevent the business from growing.

A weak management team will fail at executing a strategy correctly and will also build weak teams to run the business. A strong management team is crucial to the success of the business. It is inevitable that your business will face obstacles along the way, but how you deal with them will determine the overall success of the business.

Some risks you can control, and others you cannot, but by considering these key risks and eliminating them as much as possible, hopefully your enterprise will thrive.