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Sales and marketing
It is likely that you will take on much of the responsibility for the sales process, particularly in the early stages of the life of your business. This requires its own set of unique skills.

While the sales process is totally natural for some people, others find it very difficult. If you lack confidence in your ability to close a sale, you might want to try role playing exercises with family members, in which you practice and explore some sales techniques. These can be particularly helpful if you lack ‘patter’ or find it difficult building up a rapport with potential customers.

Running a business is a demanding task. As well as being good at whatever it is that your business does, you must also be proficient in business finance, people management, sales and a whole range of other fields. Do not be shy in asking for help if you are unsure of your abilities in any of these areas. By developing the necessary skills, you are building a solid foundation for your business.

A good practice for all entrepreneurs is to make learning and development a HABIT. A great starting point is to review your skills and to prepare your own personal development plan and then to review and up-date it regularly.