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Bear in mind
Regardless of which method is used in your research there are some recommended procedures:

  • Read through all the data
  • Carry out the analysis as soon as possible after data collection
  • Look for majority and minority opinions
  • Organize comments into similar categories, e.g., concerns, suggestions, strengths, weaknesses, similar experiences, recommendations, etc.
  • Attempt to identify patterns in the themes, e.g., all people who bought product X had similar concerns, most people came from the same geographic area, most people were in the same salary range, etc.
  • Keep all comments for several years in case needed for future reference

Unfortunately, many businesses make the mistake of putting all of the time and research in, and then just letting that information sit there unused. If your goal is to target those specific customers in order to continue improving your business, you need to always keep the information you gathered at the top of mind. It should influence every move and decision you make.