Content of this unit
Opportunities that exist in your local market
In case you would like to become a circular entrepreneur it is really important to see what is happening in your own region in order to contribute to building more sustainable communities.

Below you find some examples for circular solutions, which can be relevant to your community as well, but you should do some research with regards to your local needs and opportunities.

· Digital types of equipment, electronic things
· Renovation of old, industrial buildings with new function

· Plastic objectives from household activities
· Biomass, waste wood for district heating systems at local community level
· Waste plant biomass is a substrate for mushrooms
· Wastewater converted into biogas

· Servicing of technical equipment
· Technical support – documentation and personal
· Installation

· Repairs of usable objects
· Repair Café

· Wood waste into biomass - heating, electricity
· Food waste into compost
· Cigarette butts recycled into different products including plastic pallets
· Standard box collection system for recycling, for example tires are re-used in playgrounds and mixed with asphalt for road resurfacing

· Exchange communities allow members to exchange their objects and services
· Shared use of e.g. cars, tools, spaces for community activities, etc
· Rental of clothes