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Linear Economy model definition

The term Linear Economy designates an economic model followed since the Industrial Revolution, and whose basic principle is the disposal of the products after their use. According to this model, all products have a linear lifecycle, which is initiated with the extraction of raw materials, processing and transformation into products, their distribution and sale, their use and ultimately their disposal as waste.

In this model there is no prediction of reuse or reuse of the products, so that what were formerly products or commodities become basically junk. In fact, the intensive use of natural resources has historically been done without concern for environmental impacts, and without considering the possibilities of reusing resources that can be reused. By doing this disposal in the raw form of garbage, biological, technological and other materials are mixed, making it difficult to separate and reuse. This garbage then ends up in landfills, incinerators, or even dropped without any rule. There is therefore a loss of resources that could be reused, recycled, and returned to the production process.